No deposit Car Insurance (you can buy it via and Pedro the Puppeteer

Pedro was a puppeteer from Jalisco, Mexicowho ran a website called He moved here from Mexico around 10 years ago with his brother, mother, 2 aunts and 12 kids. His wife refused to make the move because she was having an affair with the local butcher and was afraid she would miss him too much. Pedro was understanding and would send her money each month so she could make the monthly payments on her car insurance.

Pedro has a puppet named Chi-Chi that he uses in his act. Chi-Chi is a Marilyn Monroe look-a-like and a real crowd pleaser. When Pedro makes Chi-Chi do the Cha-Cha, the audience squeals with joy. Many people have told Pedro he should move to Las Vegas and head-line his own show at one of the big hotels. Pedro prefers smaller crowds though, so he usually just performs his act at local events like county fairs and political rallies. Money doesnít mean much to Pedro and as long as he has enough to feed his kids and pay for his no deposit car insurance, heís happy.

One night Pedro dreamed that he and Chi-Chi had become lovers. They had moved to the Bahamas and were living at a big resort where they performed their routine nightly. It seemed strange to think of actually having a relationship with a puppet, but Chi-Chi was no ordinary puppet. She had the charm and grace that most women Pedro knew didnít possess. Chi-Chi was also very attractive with her flowing blonde hair and voluptuous body. She loved no deposit car insurance almost as much as Pedro. Of course the fact that Pedro could manipulate her to do anything he wanted was a big plus.

When Pedro awoke from his dream, he noticed that Chi-Chi was not on the table where he left her. He knew no one had moved her because he kept his bedroom door locked at night. He found her under the bed with a teddy bear that Pedro had loved since his childhood. Pedro became very jealous and threw the teddy bear out of his window. He vowed that no stuffed animal would ever come between himself and Chi-Chi.

After Pedro had the strange dream, his life started to unravel. He was always worried what Chi-Chi was doing and it kept him from taking care of his professional career. Instead of spending his days looking for their next gig, Pedro would refuse to leave the house unless Chi-Chi accompanied him. Also, Pedro became afraid that someone in the audience who could afford a full 12-moth car insurance policy would fall in love with his puppet and lure her away. Pedro began drinking a bottle of tequila before breakfast each morning and another after. His drinking became so bad that he had to be taken to his performances in a wheelchair because he could no longer walk by himself. He fought with Chi-Chi on stage and fell over regularly at the beginning of each act. Yet another victim of the heartless car insurance companies who forced premiums up so high that even a puppeteer couldn't afford them!